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When Worlds Collide

When Worlds Collide is our brand new asymmetrical Race Room. Two teams will be pitted against each other in either the "Fantasy" or "Reality" realm. Your objective will be to race against the clock to acquire the famed Crystal of Power in order to save your world. 

Minimum: 4 Players (2 Players each side), Maximum 12 Players (6 Players each side)

Theme: Race Room (Fantasy/Reality)

Fantasy: Your group of mercenaries have been hired by billionaire Clyde Banks to travel through a wormhole between dimensions to steal a crystal from the Fantasy Realm. You have entered the abode of a powerful wizard. You must crack his puzzles and spells to find the hidden crystal and bring it back to receive your payday.

Reality: Your group is made up of brave adventurers. You have been sent by the Fantasy Realm to the Reality Realm to steal back an already missing crystal. Your world requires both crystals in order to remain in harmony. If both go missing, your world ceases to exist. You have now entered the secret study that belongs to Clyde Banks, the villain responsible for stealing one of the crystals. You must discover the secrets of his study in order to find the crystal and save your world!

Experience Level: Beginner to Intermediate.

Time: 60 minutes

Scary? No

*Both games can be played simultaneously or individually

The Harvest Motel

The Harvest Motel is our Horror Themed Escape Room. Guests will be split between 4 rooms upon Check-In. After entering a dream state you must work to unlock your respective rooms and come together to escape within 60 minutes before becoming a Permanent Guest at The Harvest Motel. It won't take long to realize something is not right. A dark secret hides within these walls. An ancient evil...

Minimum: 4 players, Maximum: 12 players

Theme: Horror

Experience level: Beginner to Advanced

Time: 60 minutes

Scary? Yes.

*Please understand that this is a horror inspired room. Recommended age is 16 and above and requires a parent/guardian signature for anyone under the age of 18. Please call (619) 206-7818 for more information.


 Hourglass 2.0

In Hourglass 2.0 we rejoin Detective Lance, formerly a police detective—now, a lone private eye. Lance resigned from the force years ago after he failed to catch the perpetrator of a high-profile murder known as the Hourglass Case. Now, the Hourglass is back. Five more victims lie dead at the hands of the Hourglass Killer. Detective Lance has all the information he needs to put the pieces together, and he’s called for your help. It looks like the Hourglass killings might have more to them than meets the eye . . .

Minimum: 2 players, Maximum: 8 players*

Theme: Detective

Experience level: Beginner to Intermediate

Time: 60 minutes

Scary? No

*8 player maximum with multiple parties. If you have already purchased 8 spots and want to add more to your private party, please call (619) 206-7818 for more information.